Friday, March 4, 2011

Sail Away with Us.....

Tuesday, February 7, 2011

We had driven to Georgia, to visit with our friends, Jann and Al....and then, the four of us drove down to Fort Lauderdale, to start our cruise.  We got there the night before, and had a lovely dinner at a restaurant on a canal.  Lovely sunset, over the water.

Nice view, good food.

We're already having fun.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up early for breakfast.  We have time to drive up A1A, to Del Ray Beach.  We used to come to this area often, but it's been quite a few years since we were there.

After our drive, we headed to the ship.

Jann seems to be wondering how we got our cabin so fast.

Onto the ship, and straight to the cabin. 

We were pleased with our room.  Deck 10, Caribe, room C206...way up front.

Nice bath.

Mini suites have a bath tub.  The step up into it, was high.  But, we really liked the extra room.

And, we had some extra room on the balcony.  Four chairs, instead of two.

Peter took a quick look out at the water.

Then we headed up to the Lido deck, to meet the group for Sail Away.
They've installed the Movies Under the Stars screen.  The stars were out all day, though.  Noisy....anyway...

Met up with our group.

Joyce and I enjoyed the Sail Away boat drinks.

The staff was working to get people up and dancing.  This was a party, after all.

We sailed out, past the houses at Port Everglades.

Out past the Lauderdale beach.

We had some time to explore a little.  The Sanctuary is a private area.  You can pay extra to spend time here.  It's open for viewing on Sail Away.

They have a small pool, just below.  Not sure how 'peaceful' this is.  The children's area is just below this.

Announcement were made to go get our life jackets, and head down for Muster.  Jann and Al were in the same Muster area.  We all met in the Princess Theater.

The crew gave us instructions on what to do, in case of emergency. 

Then, back upstairs in time to see Ft. Lauderdale disappear...

....into the sunset.

Time to get ready for dinner....first night at sea.

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